Dear Brian,

Thank you for all that you did for our family. You helped to make our dreams comes true. Can’t wait to have you over!

Dani, Andreas, and Dougie
Mortgage Loan Client in Sonoma, California


This is a delayed but heartfelt “Thank You” for your help. You are professional, thorough, patient, and very pleasant to deal with. What more could a homebuyer ask for.

Sincerely, Kathleen and Milton Reynolds
Mortgage Loan Client in Santa Rosa, California


Thank you for all your hard work and help with the loan for the Lake Almanor House and for our own home here in SR. Also thank you for your patience with my many questions.

Thanks again,
Doug and Lynn Rackerby
Homebuyers of 2nd Home in Lake Almanor, California and Mortgage Loan Client in Santa Rosa, California


I just want you to know how much I truly appreciate your support, guidance, help and good humor through the process of buying my new house. I will recommend you highly!

Very best,
Debbie Kiddoo,
Mortgage Loan Clients in Santa Rosa, California

Hi Karen,
Jose just called and told me the great news. We are so excited!! We can now enjoy our new home more. Thanks for all the time and work you put into both houses, I really appreciate it. You made our dream come true.

So excited to start a new chapter in our lives.

Thank you, thank you.
Martha Lopez
Homebuyer and Mortgage Loan Client in Windsor, CA

Please forward this to Karen for us. Tina and I are very fortunate to have you two compassionate realtors working on this transaction. If either one of you needs a letter of recommendation or a nomination for “Realtor of the Year,” let me know where to send my vote….


You certainly went beyond the call of duty on this one, in so many ways. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate your efforts today to get the place cleared out. The photos made us very happy indeed! We were expecting to start our new home ownership by calling 1-800-GOT JUNK. This is a wonderful surprise and completely unexpected. Thank you, thank you.

I appreciate Bob leaving the paperwork/plans on the addition. It tells me he was trying to be thoughtful of us and I do appreciate his efforts. We harbor no ill will towards him because he was unable to complete the work involved to get the house ready. It is completely understandable given his situation. And it is terribly sweet of you to pick up where he left off. I hope he appreciates your efforts as much as we do. Doing the right thing is sometimes a rare occurrence in the world today and your efforts on behalf of Bob (and us) have made the world a better place. We will pass it forward.

Karen and Sharon,
We are grateful for having the opportunity to work with you both. Your professionalism is remarkable and your thoughtfulness beyond any expectations. Looking back, you both guided your clients around one pitfall after another to this happy ending. We wish you great success in your future endeavors, you’ve earned it.

Pat and Tina
Homebuyers in Santa Rosa, California

Hi Karen.

I don’t know if we’ll need to do anything else, but I wanted to say thanks for everything. This could have been a pretty terrible experience, but thanks to your efforts, I felt like it went really, really well. From start to finish, you’ve been excellent. I will absolutely refer you to anyone in a similar situation. Thanks!

Terry Morgan
Home Seller in Santa Rosa, California

Karen Maxwell (or Agent KMax as her license plate says) is a consummate professional. I found her online via Movoto while looking for a property in Santa Rosa. She promptly contacted me at a reasonable time of day, was knowledgeable about the listing and other properties available on the market, and sent me links to everything she thought I’d like to see. Within the course of a single conversation, she understood exactly what kind of house I wanted and thereafter, every recommendation she made was right on the money. Not only is she an established Realtor, she also polished her skills during the economic downturn by studying and testing to be formally licensed as a Mortgage Loan Officer. I’ve overheard numerous conversations where Karen was working to keep people in their homes, which says a lot about her integrity. She could have found lowball buyers who’d flip these houses, but instead she wants what’s best for real people. She’s become a friend, and I highly recommend her to both sellers and buyers of property in Santa Rosa.

Elaine Watkins
Homebuyer in Healdsburg, California

I am not sure how to start this without my eyes filling up with tears—OF JOY. What an honor it is to write a testimonial for Karen Maxwell.

In 2008 I had the most awesome home buying experience because of Karen. I was referred to her by a friend who said, “Here call my friend, and if she can’t do this, no one can.” Let me back up by saying, I came to Karen very distraught as I had just been scammed by a Santa Rosa agent who appeared to have my best interest at hand and it was not the case. The first conversation she and I had, she immediately picked up on certain issues that were “not right” with the situation. I remember breaking down and crying during our first conversation from all of the stress and disappointment. Soon after finding out the other situation was a scam and would never go through, which is what ended up happening, I let Karen know, “I am a single parent, I don’t have the resources your other clients have, but I have God, and He is my co-signer, He is going to get this house for me, through you.” I believe she thought I was a bit off.

The journey was long and we looked at place after place, we had offers out everywhere. There were times when the stress got the better of us both, but we hung in there, TOGETHER. Finally, we came to see the house I ended up purchasing and wow, I knew this was it. It was a short sale and that was one heck of an ordeal, but finally, after almost six months went through. One of the MANY things I truly admire about Karen is that she will fight for and with her clients as if she were the one who would ultimately be living in the home. She is a beautiful person inside and out. Her professional, no nonsense approach is something to be valued and treasured. She didn’t use the mortgage meltdown crisis to make a quick buck off of people. She worked honestly and she worked hard.

I have plans to one day purchase a home in Southern California and I already informed her approximately two years ago, when that day comes, I am paying for any and all of her expenses to go with me to find the house and be my agent. I will NEVER work with and or recommend anyone else as long as she is an agent. Karen and I still keep in touch and it is as if we grew up together.

Karen Maxwell is a God send to the Real Estate industry. She is “simply the best!”

Very Sincerely,
Audrey Sigur
First time Homebuyer in Santa Rosa, California

To whom it may concern,

When dwelling in the world of buying and selling property, there’s always an individual who captains the crew of real estate personnel to achieve the intended objective. Karen is that captain; she successfully lead her crew through the in-depth and troublesome route required in the “short sale” of my home in almost record time.

This did not happen by chance but through her in-depth knowledge, unyielding dedication and positive leadership that guided her and her crew to accomplishing the task at hand. I would, without a doubt, recommend her and her crew of experts to anyone interested in getting rapid real estate success through quality and dedication.

Skip Griffin, Owner
Griffin Investments
Home Seller in Antioch, California

My fiance and I had been looking for a new home to purchase for about a year. We worked with several different brokers. Although none of the brokers we used were as amazing or hard-working as Karen. She was very honest with us about everything we were to expect with the house purchasing and procedures. Karen made the loan process very streamlined and stress free. From the beginning she always returned our calls and kept on top of every email back and forth. We almost didn’t get the loan due to our own circumstances, but Karen worked hard day and night for us. Her high energy was incredible. We were able to purchase the perfect home for our needs in a town we love. Karen went from being our broker to being our friend and we would recommend her to anyone!

Best regards,
Charisa & Eric Long
First time Homebuyers in Forestville, California

“The word commitment doesn’t even begin to describe the “above and beyond” effort Karen put into getting my loan modification pushed through. Even after I’d lost all hope of success, Karen continued on and achieved our goals against all odds. She’s a pleasure to work with and is absolutely responsible for my family having a better quality of life. We’re eternally grateful.”

-Brian Gaberman
Mortgage Loan Client in Sebastopol, California

To whom it may concern,

Karen Maxwell has been my agent assisting me with the purchase of my 1st piece of income property. She has been most helpful every step of the way and through her experience she has helped me anticipate what needed to be done in order to expedite what is seemingly miss-named as the “short” sale process. Karen has kept me informed of every development so I was never left with the feeling that I was alone or in the dark in this unfortunately somewhat complicated process. I would recommend Karen as an experienced professional with excellent communication skills. Thank you, Karen.

Reid Sheridan
Investment Homebuyer in Santa Rosa, California

To Whom It May Concern:
It is our privilege and honor to be able to recommend Karen Maxwell, Real Estate & Loan Agent, Western States Mortgage, to assist you with all your real estate needs.

Karen Maxwell successfully assisted our family with refinancing our personal Home Loans at a time when banking and real estate markets were crippled. We consider ourselves very lucky that we had Karen Maxwell to navigate the troubled waters of the mortgage lending industry. We have many friends that were unsuccessful in this same endeavor and lost their homes due to foreclosure.

An important part of purchasing a home, or refinancing a loan, is in choosing the best Real Estate & Loan Agent possible. We have recommended Karen’s services to all our clients. We take the responsibility of our recommendations very seriously as we are Property Managers serving over 30 property owners. Our Clients/Owners place their complete trust in us. Whether you are looking for a new Home Loan, or considering refinancing your existing loan to lower your payments, reduce your terms, or lower your rates, we recommend Karen Maxwell. Karen Maxwell, licensed loan expert, is best qualified to review your loan options with you. Karen provides award-winning customer service with satisfaction guaranteed. We recommend that you contact her to discuss preapproval and assist you with qualifying for your new loan.

Marilyn Griffin, Thomas Griffin, Sr., Thomas Griffin, Jr.
CCIM, CCRM, Broker, Property Manager
Diversified Funds Property Management, Home Owners
Mortgage Loan Clients in Forestville, California